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Think Bedroom. Think Details.

Updated: May 26, 2020

Your bedroom is one the most intimate and relaxing spaces in your home.

Have you ever thought whether it has the right elements to turn it from a mere space of dwelling into a sanctuary?

Here’s DaHeim’s guide to must-haves in bedroom decor.

1. The Right Base is Your Walls.

The walls of your bedroom is the one thing that impacts your mood most. Make sure the walls are designed for relaxation, meditation and reflection. Think calming and pastel colours. Stay away from bold and invasive patterns and keep your options open with not only paint but also trendy wallpaper.

DaHeim choice for bedroom walls – MG Premium Crystalized Wallpaper

2. Dress Up The Walls

Wall art is nice to have but Mirrors are a must-have.

Mirrors are great to open up your space and add character to your walls.

The DaHeim choice for this piece of essential bedroom décor is the GHIDINI1961 Kaleidos Lamp which is an enigma by itself. It’s not only a gorgeous lamp but also a beautiful reflective piece of liveable art.

3. An exclusively designed décor component for your walk-in wardrobe.

Yes, you should not leave your walk-in wardrobe behind. In fact, it’s the heart of your bedroom and the space where you prepare yourself to face the outside world.

DaHeim’s choice for this space is a personalized piece of glass art that can serve as a decorative item and a functional lighting piece. Those items will be exclusively designed for your space and through your inspiration or can be picked up from the Artisan catalogue of JK Artisanal Installations.

4. Lighting seals the deal

Lighting is the one element that can make or break a room, especially for the bedroom.

In this case you need lighting that is not only functional but also of flexible use. What better than LED lighting to serve this purpose.

The DaHeim choice for lighting comes from Crystal Monkeys, an Austrian brand that marries the beauty of Swarovski crystals with the superb technology of LED lighting and their own innovative designs.

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